Lavish Lee Body Boutique is a home-based, self care product business started by owner Debra James-Hughes. While researching remedies for skin issues, I discovered ayurvedic herbs and quickly began mixing numerous products to aid in everything from acne to eczema with a focus on hydration for skin and hair. Today, many of our ingredients are grown here at home and infused into our products for the ultimate natural experience.

 Lavish Lee Body Boutique was inspired by three women in my life. My beautiful, hardworking grandmother Bertha Lee who was the epitome of a business woman, with a serious green thumb. She would often encourage me to begin a business with the lavish products that I would make for her. The other two women are my daughters, Amanda and Autumn, who when growing up would ask if they could go shopping in my closet that they named "The Boutique". Inspired by these lovely ladies; Introducing Lavish Lee Body Boutique.

                        Live Lavishly,